We work within varied industries, which is our strength which leads to great effects

Fibrous dust, Hygiene, Tissue, Airlaid

The fibrous dust segment is an industry that our experience and expertise has made itself known not only in Sweden but globally. With specific solutions adapted to the process in question, we can benefit from our experiences from various industries to implement reliable solutions. With material transportation, air balancing and dust handling in our knowledge base we can offer complete solutions ranging from extraction point to dust handling with everything included in between such as
Extraction hoods – Duct systems – Pre-separators – Filtration – Control systems –Material recycling, which we would consider as a complete system solution.
For this segment we have besides the filtration systems also equipment which will make waste management more efficient, and more manageable. We always see opportunities to optimize and improve processes, this is what makes us unique in this segment.

Foundries – Metal

These industries pose many variable requirements for filtration equipment including high temperature flue gases (1000 ° C) at furnaces which require lined or cooling ductwork to the filtration equipment that must withstand in principle absolute vacuum in some cases.

Requirements on flue gas treatment has also increased in terms of reduction of dioxins where we can offer different solutions such as for example injection of active carbon in flue-gas ducts.

With our broad product range, we can offer required that the industry will promote as environmentally friendly as possible with regard to flue gas cleaning but we also offer different solutions for energy/heat recovery of the flue gases.


With the minerals industry we refer to Stone – Concrete – Limestone and similar processes.

This is an industry where materials collected in Filtration systems have an great value and can usually be reused in the manufacturing process. As the material in many cases have an aggressive and abrasive character, there are many aspects to be taken into account. With that being said, it is important that the systems works optimally due to that the material in some of these processes can have a huge impact on the local environment.

With the experience we have gained through the years, we are well aware of how these processes should be designed to be able to make use of the material to its best while keeping focus
On the production personnel’s working environment.


Experience within asphalt production industry has been given over the years that we have worked within the filtration industry.
This is an industry where materials are collected in filtration units that are of great value and can usually be reused in the production process, filtration systems are also an important part of the process to hold correct pressure settings within this process.

Many factors have an affect on the final product´, which we are fully aware of and we want to work together and develop solutions that can positively affect the industry. The nature of the material and the external elements could, in many cases, have a major impact on the life of filtration equipment and ductwork,

We find that with an long term solution which are shaped to withstand these forces, we can create more sustainable, reliable and durable solutions.

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