Our company is known for customerservice. Our aim is that our suppliers and partners have the same goal as us, which is solving our customers problems

System Solutions

With the System, we mean a turnkey solution, we do not only deliver filterhousing but we deliver a solution!


Industries that we mainly work with are
Foundries & Metal
Hygiene, Airlaid, Tissue & Cellulose
Asphalt, Cement & Mineral


Preventative maintenance is a key word within our service organization. With this and all that it entails, we ensure that you can run your process with minimal service disruptions created by your dust extraction system.

PF system is a company with long industry experience with well-established founders.
We share a common passion for working in the flue gas treatment industry.

We want to contribute to a better society, and we do this through our unique solution-oriented corporate culture.

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