PF systems CSR-policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

PF Systems long term goal is to become one of the leading Swedish companies in the dust extraction within the processing industry, both locally and globally. It is obvious that we must adopt long-term relationships with suppliers and customers. With continuous work with an CSR policy, we create a basic platform for the entire company.

Responsibility and ethics

With the customer’s interest in focus we demand ethics and business ethics for the employees within the organization. Fundamental respect for liberty and rights is the guidelines that we work towards. Corruption and bribery is something we reject, where we see that a sustainable and long-term relationships should not be built on this platform. We always take into account the ethical, cultural and religious traditions of each country and region. PF Systems products shall be produced in an ethical and proper manner. We would in this way take responsibility for compliance with the fundamental principles of human rights, good working conditions and to minimize our environmental impact in our production and manufacturing processes.

Equality and diversity

Equal conditions is applicable within the organization to women and men as regards remuneration, development and promotion. Everyone in the company should be given equal opportunities to development both in terms of their own employment field and further development into new opportunities. Within the company all is to be treated with respect and dignity. Sexual harassment is not acceptable and should be addressed immediately. We should, within the framework of our activities actively promote equal rights and opportunities in employment regardless of ethnicity, religion or other beliefs in order to create better conditions for an innovative and inspiring working environment. Outspokenness is encouraged as discussions and freedom of speech leads to greater understanding.
The code of conduct is applicable in all locations were PF System personnel is representing the organization.


The environmental performance of the global industry has generally improved in recent decades.
There are many explanations for this as improved energy efficiency, more stringent environmental legislation, sustainability criteria that have been introduced but also the general will to reduce the environmental impact.
However, the industry is still responsible for a considerable burden on our environment in the form of pollution and waste, thus we believe in at PF System that we have a common task to reduce our environmental impact.

We will always do our utmost to help the industry achieve its environmental objectives and a greener industrial sector that strengthens control at the source with good operating methods and innovative technologies.

The public interest and access to information on industrial pollution has also increased in recent years, there are registers available such as the The European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR) which informs where emissions and pollutants from Industrial activities can be seen.

The Industrial Emissions Directive sets guidelines for a large number of industrial companies to minimize polluting emissions to air, water and soil. The directive also contains requirements for plants to reduce their waste.

Working environment

We strive so that the psychosocial and physical environment are optimally adapted on the basis of the work environment , an work environment were the employees are happy and doing well. We operate periodically to evaluate and follow up the activities in such a way that illness and accidents are prevented and that an optimal working environment is achieved. We never compromise on our customers ‘ or employees ‘ safety.
Everyone in our Organization is to contribute to a good working environment, this places demands on our employees. A good working environment motivates employees towards commitment and teamwork, which means active leadership, clear targets images that create wholeness and meaning for groups and individuals. The power to influence their own work situation, a well-developed communication platform within the Organization and a good work environment with respect to ergonomics, noise, air quality and chemical health risks is given.